Monday, 30 August 2010

Some new work

Well its been a good while since I posted anything. I have been super busy with my Job which is going very well. I havee been doing a whole host of things, branding, marketing, illustration, web design, stationary etc. This is just a little snippet of what i have been up to. I will have a tone more up as soon as I get the go ahead from the boss. Cant really put anything up until its had the all clear from clients and what not.
The examples here are from a company called Flora Dora, the owners bought a load of pattern designs from a deceased artist. The patterns were designed from the 40's right through to the 70's, over 200 in all. Flor Dora are having the patterns printed on material and using them to re-furbish furniature and turn them into bespoke pieces. As well as selling the textiles by the roll. So we had to come up with the look and feel, the logo, strapline and all associated elements. So we decided to create a world of patterns to illustrate how the patterns can be applied to anything. The website is soon to follow, as are a few others, just waiting for them to be coded.