Sunday, 6 September 2009

Barnstorming roots poster

Just finished doing a poster for the brickyard. The gig is called 'Barnstorming Roots Music', a wonderful blend of country folk rock. However, the final poster is in a bit of a dispute, the first version is the one I sent in (actually the second submission after some changes were called for) and the second is the result of further changes that were asked for. But I am still undecided which version I prefer. Not a lot I can do though as the second version is the one they want.


  1. whats up ian, i agree that the top one is the better! try and persuade them to agree! However i think some thing weird is happening with your centre aligned type all over the poster, its looking a bit odd and off centre to me? dont you think? especially where it says "double headliner" and "the brickyard". Neat though, especially that little chicken in the corner.

  2. Yeah I know what you mean, the type has been doing my head in. The 'double headliner' and 'the brickyard' just wont sit right due to them both having a small and long word either side of the centre rule.
    The original had a rather large illustration with a sunset, some chickens and what not, but the type and the illo just didnt agree so i dropped the illo........but kept the chicken, I just couldnt let the little guy go.